Eloi si Morloci

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  1. Criticul metamodernist says:

    Ca tot vorbim de pulifriciul asta de Elon Musk ,care,mai nou, ofera si „solutii” la conflictul din Ucraina..tot el exemplifica de ce clasa de mijloc e din ce in ce mai fututa de capitalismul neoliberal.Cresterea bolilor psihice in randul populatiei este evidenta ca sistemul capitalist neoliberal pute:


    „Rates of mental illness have increased dramatically over the past 15 years in the United States [Products—Data Briefs—Number 283—August 2017. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db283.htm. Published August 15, 2017]. Additionally, life expectancy has fallen over the past several years due to increases in death from suicide, opioid overdose, and alcoholic liver cirrhosis as reported by Case and Deaton [Deaths of despair and the future of capitalism. Princeton University Press, 2020]. Over the last decade some have questioned whether these changes are due to neoliberal capitalist policies and ideologies. Neoliberal capitalism incorporates theories of eliminating all restrictions on the market and decreasing government assistance programs as reported by Harvey [A brief history of neoliberalism, Oxford University Press, 2005]. Since then these policies have led to income inequality, disempowerment of workers, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, inadequate social services, mass incarceration and an expensive and ineffective healthcare system as reported by Case and Deaton [Deaths of despair and the future of capitalism. Princeton University Press, 2020] and Nkansah-Amankra et al. [International Journal of Health Services 43(2):217-240, 2013]. Studies have shown that the consequences of these policies and ideologies likely have a role in increasing rates of mental illness. This paper will discuss how these factors increase mental distress and postulate ways that mental health professionals can advocate for change.”

  2. Criticul metamodernist says:

    O explicatie de ce tarile nordice sunt mai fericite in timp ce tarile anglo-saxone in care populatia e pedepsita cu politici „individualiste” , neoliberale, „corporatiste” ,care ,chipurile, ar maximiza libertatea individuala , de fapt, restrictioneaza libertatea individuala lasand clasa de mijloc la mana marilor corporatii si a unui stat neoliberal care penalizeaza clasa de mijloc, ca pe criminali.

    „In his book The Selfish Capitalist, psychologist Oliver James found that twice as many people suffer from emotional distress in the English-speaking nations that have adapted neoliberal capitalist policies when compared to people in the Western European nations which did not”

  3. Criticul metamodernist says:

    „In his book, A Brief History of Neoliberalism, David Harvey argues that the upper class supported these policies in order to further their own power and influence because they felt threatened by the decrease in their share in the national income (Harvey, 2005). Neoliberal policies were broadly enacted through the Reagan administration with corporate tax breaks and incentives, deregulation of business, and the introduction of working practices that strongly favor employers over unions (Harvey, 2005). This was accompanied by transferring resources from public to private ownership and contracting out services that were once provided by the public sector (Moncrieff, 2001). The state also drastically reduced public sector spending and eliminated social programs (Moncrieff, 2001). Trade liberalization and deregulation of foreign financial investment led to increased volume of trade which demanded high rates of consumption and also provided sources of cheap labor abroad putting downward pressure on wages in the US (Moncrieff, 2001). Although Neoliberal policies were billed as attempts to enhance individual freedoms, forms of surveillance and policing became a key strategy to deal with social problems when social services were minimized (Harvey, 2005). This worked to maintain social order as well as uphold private property and corporate interests (Harvey, 2005). Neoliberalization has not been successful at increasing capital accumulation with the exception of the economic elite (Harvey, 2005). These policies have also led to staggering income inequality, disempowerment of workers in their ability to advocate for themselves, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs overseas, inadequate social services, mass incarceration and a healthcare system that is not only expensive but ineffective in providing for its citizens”

  4. Criticul metamodernist says:

    Diferenta de civilizatie cand e vorba de puscarii, intre tarile nordice si statele unite e ca de la cer la pamant:

  5. Criticul metamodernist says:

    Civil forfeture : cand statul neoliberal fascist american ,te fura cu legea in mana:

    Mama iei de libertate! Cu asa „drepturi” „garantate” de statul american,nici nu ma mir ca puscariile sunt pline.

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