Va invit sa adunam intr-un singur loc resursele care ni se par relevante pentru temele de discutie de pe oxigen2 si care merita impartasite.

Se pot posta linkuri catre bloguri, articole, carti, video (documentare, filme artistice, conferinte, etc) si altele. Este de preferat ca fiecare resursa sa aiba o scurta descriere. Dedicatiile muzicale, linkurile catre resurse de umor, etc, vor fi mutate la offtopic. Ramane valabila regula cu privire la numarul maxim de postari consecutive.

Nici un material nu va fi gazduit pe oxigen2, in cazul unor conflicte de copyright, unele postari pot fi indepartate.

170 Responses to Resurse

  1. ianis says:

    O sa o ascult cand ajung acasa. Mi-am facut o parere buna despre ei.
    Am trecut in revista linkurile folosite ca resurse pentru emisiunea curenta, nu prea inteleg ce cauta antena3 si foxnews intr-un peisaj care se vrea serios. Verdictul final il dau cand o sa ascult materialul.


  2. laurbv says:

    Sunt niste oamenii care aduc argumente impotriva: astrologiei, medicamentelor minune, homeopatiei, etc!
    In general cam fac glume pe seama afirmatiilor ridicole si larg raspandite! (Cred ca daca vor deveni mai populari, vor falimenta farmaciile naturiste care vand prostii.)

  3. laurbv says:
    In minutul 45 in cadrul unui interviu despre creationism sunt pomeniti adventistii!

  4. radu says:

    Nenea Michio Kaku – Universul pentru toti:

  5. komand says:

    salutare! poate sa-mi spuna cineva unde mai pot gasi emisiunile de la O2, ca vad ca pe site-ul oficial nu mai exista……. multumesc!

  6. komand says:

    pardon… de la Oxigen (primul) ma refeream

  7. study_nature says:

    Pole glancing – Arctic sea-ice coverage shrinks to its lowest recorded level

    ICE coverage in the Arctic has melted to a record low this summer. Data released by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre show that sea ice has shrunk to the smallest area recorded since satellite observation began in 1979, surpassing the previous low of September 2007. The ice covers an area of 1.58m square miles (4.1m sq km) compared with the 2007 low of 1.61m square miles (4.17m sq km). This is significant in part because the current level was reached ahead of the end of the melt season in September. Some of the increased melt can be attributed to cyclical weather and currents but the majority of it, agree most scientists, is down to global warming caused by human activity. (The Arctic is warming roughly twice as fast as the rest of the planet.) The loss will probably increase faster because the ice is also thinning, which makes it easier to break up. At this rate the Arctic could be ice-free during the summer by 2016, reckons Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University.

  8. komand says:

    nu are nimeni? m-am uitat ca stiam ca am o parte, si mi-ar trebui de la 250 incolo (250-314); va rog tare mult, daca stie cineva cum si unde, sau daca le are sa ma ajute….. multumesc!

  9. lelitza says:


    o sa primesti un link diseara.

  10. radu says:

    Nenea komand, uite aciulea:

  11. komand says:

    mersi fain de tot!

  12. laurbv says:

    Vizita lui Ted Wilson in Romania:

  13. study_nature says:

    apropo de recomandarea foarte buna a lui laurbv:

    14 classes start tomorrow (24 sept)! This is the most classes that we’ve ever had running.

    Writing in Sciences, Organizational Analysis, Computer Architecture, Mathematical Biostatistics, Human Computer Interaction, Operations Management, Greek and Roman Mythology, Bioelectricity, Computing for Data Analysis, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Social Network Analysis, Introduction to Logic, Scientific Computing, Learn to Program

    Sign-up and spread the word!

  14. laurbv says:

    @study_nature (& ceilalti)
    Vreti sa ne apucam sa traducem cursul de evolutionism atunci cand va incepe?
    (Este o treaba interactiva).

  15. ianis says:

    Am inceput cursul de mitologie greaca si romana, video-urile au subtitrare in mai multe limbi. Daca s-ar putea descarca video-ul si subtitrarea in engleza, traducerea ar fi o treaba usoara.

    L.E. Acum vad ca subtitrarile si fisierele video sunt oferite pentru download…

  16. study_nature says:

    Ar fi o treaba foarte buna. Dat fiind ca sunt deja implicat in prea multe proiecte, imi pot permite sa contribui doar la partea de corectura, finisare a traducerii, dar va incurajez sa va apucati de traducere. Ar fi un proiect colaborativ fain pentru unii dintre cei care participa pe O2.

  17. laurbv says:

    Abia pe 10 incep cursurile despre evolutie si tot atunci ne putem apuca de ele! Cel de genetica anul viitor.

  18. Am plăcerea să vă anunț apariția romanului meu „ Până viața ne va despărți ” la editura Națiunea, un roman cu și despre adventiști și reformiști, inspirat în proporție de 90% dintr-un caz real. Romanul va fi în curând disponibil la librăriile din București și din întreaga țară, și se pot face livrări și în străinătate. Deocamdată mai multe amănunte pe blogul personal:

  19. ianis says:

    felicitari.Mult succes cu vanzarile.

  20. leo says:

    felicitari, castellon-enze ! actualmente aleman-enze !

    daca vreti : Dawkins: sexul, moartea si sensul vietii !

  21. study_nature says:

    Recomand seria Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die, am citit partea I si consider ca merita. Sper ca si urmatoarele sa fie cel putin la acelasi nivel.

  22. leo says:

    Conspirația Imperiului Roman pentru a îl inventa pe Iisus

  23. study_nature says:

    Aruncati o privire peste urmatoarele argumente si concluzii din articolul „Theodicy’s Problem: A Statistical Look at the Holocaust of the Children, and the Implications of Natural Evil for the Free Will and Best of All Worlds Hypotheses”, Gregory Paul, Philosophy & Theology Volume 19, Issue 1/2, Pages 125-149, 2007.

    Apoi ganditi-va daca aveti contraargumente care stau in picioare.

    Of the hundreds of billions of human conceptions the
    large majority died before birth, over half the one hundred billion
    born have died as children, a portion of the survivors were severely
    harmed, and among children the great majority suffered high and even
    extreme levels of discomfort, pain, and fear that qualifies as torture.
    This dysfunctional system can be objectively described as merciless
    or ruthless.13 Despite being the worst disaster in human history, it
    has been so neglected that it has never even been named. During
    the Jewish Holocaust of seven years, about 1.5 million children were
    slaughtered.14 With the number of young humans who have died
    totaling in the high billions over 10,000 generations, it stands as the
    great Holocaust of the Children.


    The Holocaust of the Children is so large in scale and depth that it
    poses such insurmountable problems for the classic Christian free
    will and best of all worlds hypotheses that they are falsified. If the
    Christian creator of this vast universe exists, then he has allowed the
    immature to dwell in such an oddly tiny and brutal habitat that it is a
    death trap where the human reproductive tract is not a safe haven for
    most of the preborn, and children are exposed to an array of diseases
    and other hazards that have killed half of them. It is patently impossible
    to correctly assert that the PSCI [powerful supernatural creator intelligence]
    gives humans free will when a large or major portion of humans never becomes old
    enough to make mature decisions, nor is it possible to accurately assert that
    the PSCI has produced the best habitat when humans have proven more willing
    than the creator to protect almost all children from serious disease and
    death without apparently seriously degrading the ability of humans to
    become suitable inhabitants of paradise. The PSCI has not executed a
    prudent cost/benefit analysis of the type regularly conducted by humans
    in order to maximize positive results while minimizing negative
    effects. Because the PSCI is much more callous and negligent than
    its imperfect creations, the creator cannot be perfect. […] If the enormous numbers
    of deceased immature souls are barred from heaven then the result is
    immoral. If they are allowed into heaven, then paradise is inhabited
    partly or largely by the automata that free will is supposed to prevent,
    and the hypothesis that an extended earthly life is necessary to be
    made suitable for paradise is false. The negative earthly and heavenly
    consequences of allowing masses of automata into heaven are considerable
    in terms of missionary work and an eternal caste system. Because
    the difficulties that stem from the Holocaust of the Children are so
    numerous and intractable, it follows that the Christian theory of a
    perfect God with a perfect plan is so overwhelmed by the real world
    that it is falsified. […]

    If the Holocaust of the Children does not refute the existence
    of a moral PSCI, then defenders of the concept must be asked what
    would a PSCI have to do in terms of afflicting young humans to prove
    its lack of morality? Ninety-nine percent extermination, or total? In
    order for future theodistic arguments to be credible they will need to
    explicitly and successfully deal with the full extent of the Holocaust of
    the Children.23 This includes providing a convincing explanation for
    why a perfect and loving creator choose not to provide children with
    the level of safety achieved by his imperfect but loving creations, and
    instead allowed or pushed the level of immature suffering and death
    to the practical limits. Is such a solution likely? The modern Christian
    consensus followed by billions is so firmly overturned by human
    circumstances that it very probably is not possible to reconcile the
    Christian concept of a pacific creator with the state of the universe.

  24. ianis says:

    mersi, study_nature si leo
    leo, am intoleranta la filmele hindi, sa vad daca reusesc sa il vad pana la capat.

  25. leo says:

    ianis,filmul devine interesant dupa primele 20min.temele sunt aceleasi ca la noi !

  26. leo says:
    nu stiu daca s-a mai pus, e vechi filmul dar poate merge la biblioteca O2 !

  27. leo says:

    ianis, zi ca n-a meritaat timpul cu filmul hindu !

  28. ianis says:

    Am urmarit filmul. E o productie pentru credinciosii satui de sisteme religioase si cler dar dispusi sa creada intr-un zeu calare pe motor :). Filmul ar fi fost fain fara batman ala, dar nu ai ce astepta de la indieni. Zeul castigator este exact cel asteptat intr-o productie hindi.

  29. paurras says:

    Life of Pi… merita vazut!

  30. Leo says:

    Dawkins-despre moralitati !

  31. Leonid says:

    Domnule Edmond, am auzit de cateva ori in emisiunile dvs termenul „psihologie”.
    Poate dedicati una din emisiunile dvs acestei teme? Mai ales ca psihologia la momentul actual este si ea o stiinta destul de avansata si raspunde la multe intrebari.

  32. ianis says:

    Super documentar, numai bun pentru deschiderea Sabatului. Geniala faza cu preotul catolic din piata Vaticanului.

    De la acelasi autor:
    Bill Maher does an un-baptism of the dead

    Edward Davies, Mitt Romney’s father-in-law, had a posthumous Mormon baptism after he died. Bill Maher does the world’s first Un-baptism of the dead so that Edward Davies can get out of Mormon heaven and hang with his atheist buddies!

  33. paurras says:

    A aparut Atlas Shrugged 2… pentru cei care au vazut partea 1

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