Mission Ethics in South Korea

5 Responses to Mission Ethics in South Korea

  1. NIMENI says:

    There is no ethics in so caled missions. In today world you are not invited to do a missionary work. If they are not invited i called that a abbuse. They think that Jesus gave them the right to do so. In my oppinion the religious fanatics has to stay out of any untouch corner with natural life. The people of the jungle has to stay in that Eden and they don’t need the hell arguments to become like us. That is the ethics for me. Leave the people alone and consider them as a natural ghift of this world.

  2. polihronu says:

    One could argue that the obnoxious missionaries are just as much a natural product of the world as „the people of the jungle” (an endangered species at best). Some would go as far as to claim that missionaries are a gift to the world 🙂

  3. NIMENI says:


    I wiil not be surprised if that claim wiil be made.
    But with or without that claim the misionary people or grups are stell remain a bunch of lazy buts. I usualy call them cacaroaches.

  4. liviu says:

    It seems there’s not much difference between the SDA church baptizing children and encouraging them to pay tithe than the long ago Catholic church selling indulgences. Is it really the case that a message once so powerful that Paul preached which awed the Greek, Roman and other philosophers of his time has been so diluted and corrupted by the SDA church that it only appeals to children in our days and time?

  5. liviu says:

    Lorelai, thank you very much for sharing your experience. I also have been an English teacher / missionary in South Korea about 11 years ago! I actually worked for Kang’s Language school, not sure if you heard of them (Kang used to be the director of the SDA lang inst and broke away to start a pretty successful language school; not sure if that’s still the case today). In any case, what got to me the most was the hatred and jealousy among various teachers from certain „English” speaking countries with of course a holy face in the church but a totally different one outside. The reason? their illusion that Koreans favored the North American accent.

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